Happy New Year!
Reggae Vegan Fest
Reggae Vegan Fest and its non-profit producer Go Vegan Radio want to do our part in making this the happiest year ever for you – with multiple festivals and special events for you to enjoy in 2019… Stay Tuned for Dates & Locations!

We promise to deliver the most spectacular reggae performers on the planet, mind-blowing speakers with solutions to the world’s greatest problems, and the most fantastic food anywhere! Fun! Fun! Fun! And for those who feel guilty about enjoying themselves too much, every ticket you buy for any of our events feeds vegan meals to hungry kids around the world!

Thanks to everyone supporting our Reggae Vegan Fests through our launch with best wishes for us to keep going and keep growing…

Our Reggae Vegan Fests are a commitment to “One Love, All Species”, for the animals, for human health, for environmental sustainability…

Reggae Vegan Fest IS TRUE TO THE ROOTS OF REGGAE AS ONLY ITAL CAN BE! ITAL! ITAL = VEGAN! The word ITAL was created in Jamaica in the 1930’s, the decade before the word VEGAN! The thinking in Jamaica at that time was that life force – “livity” – cannot be nourished by animal bodies and excretions… higher thinking, true wisdom!

Hey, while we’re thinking about it, and since the world’s top climate specialists and most comprehensive environmental studies tell us that the single most important action that every individual can take is to GO ITAL, GO VEGAN to combat climate change, water shortage, deforestation, resource depletion, air and water pollution, erosion, habitat destruction, and so much more – is this the way we save Jamaica and all island nations and communities? We are told that if we all GO VEGAN we would end the current mass extinction and free up land the size of Africa that could be reforested. (Go Vegan Radio episode #624: http://www.goveganradio.com/go-vegan-radio-624/ )

So, in the spirit of “One Love, All Species”, our Reggae Vegan Fest one-lovingly challenges ALL reggae festivals to be true to the Ital roots of reggae, and in 2019, please – GO ITAL, GO VEGAN for the children, for the animals, for Jamaica, for the planet…

Thanks! See You Soon!

Sponsor, Vendor, Volunteer Inquiries Welcome…

-Reggae Vegan Fest