Premium Sponsorship

Join us at the High, Higher, or Highest Level Sponsorship and create a real buzz for your products & services and what you’re doing…
We do have an approval process. Do you think that just anyone can participate in an event as special as this? Please complete and submit the application.
★ Discounts for Vendors Fully Paid by June 30 ★

Payments are made via Paypal where you can use any card (no need to have a Paypal account), if you would like to instead send us a check – please contact us: [email protected] and we’ll be happy to provide details to Mail a Check.


Join Us Today for the HIGHEST POSITIVE PUBLIC PUBLICITY for PREMIUM SPONSORS, which includes… featuring YOU in our full-page ad in the Reggae Festival Guide (read by a MILLION PEOPLE!)… plus… We’ll be seeing you on the Reggae Festival Guide FaceBook page – followed by 520,000 people (yes, more than half a million!)… We’ll get you in the Reggae E-Guide that goes to 40,000 subscribers weekly and the Reggae Festival Guide Instagram page… Add all of this to the 35,000 people in the Go Vegan Radio social network, the 20,000 flyers, posters, and postcards distributed throughout the Los Angeles area, the announcements on Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden and RadioBobby, plus everything you get at the festival itself – and this becomes an offer you just can’t resist. Sign Up Now – you’ll be happy that you did!


+ includes your choice of a 10×10 or 10×20 booth including pop-up tent, table(s), 4 chairs

+ includes $100 non food vendor park fee or $200 food vendor park fee

+ includes electricity

+ includes 3 ft. x 4 ft. booth banner

+ includes shout outs from stage

+ includes email blast & recognition in Facebook & Twitter (about 35,000 people in our combined social media)

+ includes ads on the Go Vegan Radio website AND the website for LA Reggae Vegan Fest

+ includes weekly 30 second announcement on for 12 weeks on “Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden”

+ includes 5-minute talk show interview

+ includes 100 announcements over 52 weeks on our 24/7 music station RadioBobby




Includes everything in the High Level Sponsorship Package

+ 10-minute talk show interview

+ 250 announcements over 52 weeks on our 24/7 music station RadioBobby

+ includes recognition in flyers & other print & electronic media




Includes everything in High Level and Higher Level Sponsorship Packages

+ Recognition & Acknowledgement as a “Major Sponsor”

+ weekly 60 second announcement for 52 weeks on “Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden”, the first mainstream media Vegan program ever, which debuted on KRLA in Los Angeles in 2001 and was subsequently heard on K-TALK there

+ 15-minute talk show interview

+ 500 announcements over 52 weeks on our 24/7 music station RadioBobby