Vendor / Sponsor Application

Interested in being a vendor or sponsor? Please fill out the application below and our team will get back to you. If you would like to view the various opportunities available, along with pricing, please go here for vendor options and here for sponsorship options.

LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST Welcomes Sponsors & Vendors – Restaurants that are 100% VEGAN , or Product Lines that are 100% VEGAN, or Companies that are 100% VEGAN

ALL products and services exhibited, sold, or sampled at LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST must be 100% VEGAN, containing NO ANIMAL-DERIVED INGREDIENTS. This applies to all food and beverages, clothing, accessories, personal care, and household items. What Do We Mean by VEGAN? Our ANIMAL-FREE EVENT means LA REGGAE VEGAN FEST is free from any sales or consumption of flesh “meat”, dairy, fish, eggs, honey, refined sugar, casein, gelatin, whey, lanolin, wool, leather, feathers, & silk.